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Mitsubishi Rayon has developed new high-brightness acrylic resin plate, can be used in liquid crystal display (LCD) of the light guide plate. Proliferation of new products is to optimize agent, but its brightness increase than in the past 7 to 8 percent. The company has started the new products used in personal computers equipped with, so will reduce the total cost of LCD backlight components. The company plans during the year, will occupy the new products developed into the acrylic resin plate light guide 7 to 8 percent of the cause of an important product. The company’s light guide plate with acrylic resin, is used exclusively in the continuous casting system board technology production of high quality products. The company’s flagship product "N865" extrusion-type LGP than the acrylic resin plate 3 to 4% of high brightness, but also has excellent thickness accuracy and workability. "N865" in the personal computer market share very high, and the company is located in the base are conducting all-round production. The newly developed high-brightness resin plate, the optical properties superior to "N865", mainly through the proliferation of agent optimization, these products of brightness than the "N865" from 7 to 8 percent increase. LCD Backlight components and parts of the province can reduce the number of demand is gradually strengthening, one of the development shall be high-brightness light guide. It corresponds to the market requirements for the development of new products, new product plans in order to replace the original grade of the product.
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